New Diagnosis Road Map

Has your child just received a diagnosis? Whether from a school or a medical professional, this information can be overwhelming and frightening to parents. Brighter Futures can help untangle all of the confusion. We are happy to sit and talk with you about this new diagnosis and help you find solid information that can help you on your new path. We will help to educate you about what the diagnosis means, how it will affect your child and what you can do to help support them in their day to day lives. We will also discuss short and long term goals and ways to achieve them. This service is very family-oriented and aims to provide parents with the information they need to make the best decisions for their child. This service can be provided one time, or can be an ongoing service in which plans are continually looked at and updated as needed. 

Step 2: Setting up Supports and Services  

Once specific goals have been laid out for the child and family, various supports and services such as therapies and educational options will be discussed. Pros and cons of each will be reviewed based on family circumstances. The family will be encouraged to interview and tour various service providers. Topics such as scheduling and insurance will also be discussed to help make the best plan possible for each family. 

Step 1: Review of Current Evaluations and Assessments

We will start making your road map by reviewing all of the evaluations and assessments that your child has had. This will allow a plan to be made based on your child's unique strengths, weaknesses, learning style and personality. Parents will be able to ask questions and seek clarification about results of evaluations and assessments and therapist will discuss what the results mean for the child and family. Specific goals for the child and family will be discussed based on the evaluations and assessments. 

Step 3: Finding Financial Support

Sometimes providing for the needs of a child with learning differences and /or disabilities can feel impossible. The financial strain can get to the point of having to decide between certain interventions for your child. With so many different programs and organizations aimed at helping families in these situations, parents can sometimes feel like they are falling down a never-ending hole of resources but yet not know which is best for their family. Brighter Futures can help you identify where resources would best be spent, where to find them and how to apply for specific services and programs. Not every family will be able to qualify for financial aid, but all possibilities will be taken into account.

Case Management services are not only for families with a recently diagnosed child. These services can be for anyone who is needing guidance on the path for their child. Brighter Futures specializes in early childhood intervention, but can support families all the way through elementary school.

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