Brighter Futures  Service Options

We offer affordable rates as well as various types of service plans, depending on your specific needs.​ Discounts and scholarship opportunities are available based on specific qualifications, including clients on a Medicaid plan and siblings. 

Most clients prefer a 60 minute educational therapy session each week. In this session, students work on academic and cognitive skills which they have not yet had success with. These skills are practiced using a student's specific cognitive profile as well as their learning strengths. If homework support is needed, it can be addressed in a limited manner.

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Who Brighter Futures Can Help

  • Grade Level: We specialize in working with students who are toddlers up to students at the end of elementary school. We will also support older students who are performing at a lower grade level. This will be determined on a case by case basis. 


  • Learning Differences: We work with students with a variety of learning differences and/or diagnoses. Specifically, students diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, IDD, ADHD, various learning disabilities and difficulties are our specialties. We also work with young children in an early intervention model who may not have a diagnosis, but are showing some developmental delays. 


  • Academic Weaknesses: We work with students on the following skills: Math fluency, mathematical computation, math problem-solving, phonics, reading fluency, reading comprehension, and various cognitive skills.

The Brighter Futures Focus and Philosophy

We specialize in ‘child-led, sensory-based, whole body learning’

  • Child led: We do our best to follow a child’s interests and leads so that they have more of a connection and motivation to what they are learning.

  • Sensory based: We use multiple modalities to help a child’s brain make the connections that they are missing. Although there is a time and a place for ‘table work’, this is not our main way of working with a kid. Our preference is games, activities and critical thinking skills which will help to give students the foundation they need in life.

  • Whole body: If a child has motor or speech delays, we will work on those also, because many times those delays are also why the child is struggling in school. Our goal is to help build a well-rounded child with skills that will last them for their lifetime. 

 Brighter Futures specializes in teaching children from toddler/preschool age up through elementary school age.