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Brighter Futures works with many homeschool families. We strive to be family-centered and provide the support necessary for all of those involved in the homeschooling process. Our  homeschool services begin with a consultation with parents and if possible, the children involved. Depending on the needs of the family, an assessment will be completed to determine the learning strengths, weaknesses, and interests of the child or children. This information will help to guide a homeschooling plan which could include topics such as curriculum, accommodations, extra-curriculars, alternative educational options, etc. Additionally, parents and therapist will consult virtually at least once a month to determine next steps, troubleshoot any difficulties, etc. This service is also offered completely virtually to families homeschooling students of all abilities. 

 Brighter Futures specializes in teaching children from toddler/preschool age up through elementary school age.

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