Option 1

Home school Consultation

This option will allow the parent and therapist to work together to create the best program for the child. It will allow the parent to be the main teacher, but with input and support from the therapist. Therapist will provide support in ways such as finding resources and curriculum that work best for the student, creating weekly lesson plans to keep the parent on track with educational goals and helping the family to create a homeschooling schedule that works for their individual needs. Additional supports and services can be added as needed and discussed between therapist and parent. 

Option 2

Face to face teaching

This option will allow a student to receive high quality educational instruction in the subject areas that the parent feels they need more support in. This will focus on helping a child to succeed in the home school environment, as well as providing the parent with tools and techniques they can use on their own. Instruction will be tailored to the student's strengths and help them to fill in any learning gaps they may have. A treatment plan with specific educational goals will be used to guide instruction as well as formal and informal assessments. 

 Brighter Futures specializes in teaching children from toddler/preschool age up through elementary school age.