Early Childhood Developmental Assessments help parents to get a clear picture of their young child's strengths and weaknesses. These assessments are for children from birth up to age 5. Our assessment covers various developmental domains such as communication, motor skills, cognition, adaptive behavior, social-emotional, vocabulary and school readiness skills. We use various formal and informal tools to  create a clear picture of a young child's developmental progress. After completing the assessment, a detailed report will be shared with the parents. This report will review the assessments conducted and also provide recommended strategies to use in the home to help close the developmental gaps. The report will also provide referrals for service providers if the parents want to find help outside of the home. Contact Brighter Futures today to set up your Early Childhood Developmental Assessment!



 Brighter Futures specializes in assessing children from toddler/preschool age up through elementary school age.

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