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Moving Past Awareness, past Acceptance, and towards Accessibility 


Each group will have no more than 6 students. There will be two adults assigned to each group, for a 3:1 ratio. Students will be grouped by age and academic/developmental level.


Providing our students with real-life experiences that typical students receive is very important to us. We will plan a once-a-month field trip to corespond to the monthly theme. We will also incorporate activities like music, art, and STEM into our daily rouines. 


Students will complete the following activities each day: 

  • Large group themed read aloud

  • Fine and gross motor exercises

  • Math and literacy educational interventions

  • Large group literacy lesson

  • Snack/recess

  • Specials(music/art/STEM)


Our students' therapeutic needs are very important to us. With a speech therapist and an education therapist on staff, we will work hard to make sure that students receive the support and interentions they need in various developmental areas. 


High-quality and evidence- based curriculums will be used based on the needs of each student. Some curriculums that are expected to be used are: Story Champs, Math U See, ALL, and Talkies


Our program will focus on not only providing a social setting for our students, but also supporting them in building those social relationships. We will use a variety of large and small group activities to teach students how to interact and engage with each other in a way that is comfortable for them. 

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